Friday, June 3, 2011

Thrifting Happiness!

I had a great thrifting day yesterday - I found the neatest thing and also hit the motherlode of Pyrex - a happy day for me!!

Look at this!!  It's a retro juke box, disguised as a radio!  I never look in the electronic section - I spotted this and wanted it for our basement game room - what a cute decoration - I was sure surprised when the clerk said it worked and it was a radio!  You can turn the juke box selection lever so the pages move.  My husband shined it up last night - I don't think it's going to make it to the basement - it's in the kitchen and looking quite retro!!  I paid $15 - saw the very same one online - price $99 - what a deal!!!

My motherlode of Pyrex came from Value Village - I have been jealous of other bloggers finding numerous pieces all at once - well, it happened to me yesterday - I left there with one casserole and seven bowls!

These were stacked together - I never imagined they might be part of a set  but after checking them out in my trusty Pyrex Guide - it looks like they might be - all that's missing is the red 402.

Pink and blue look nice together - but this pink one is definitely part of a pink set - I have the 401.  The blue one belongs to the primary set and it's going to my daughter.

I don't care for the Old Orchard pattern but this plain one is ok.

This is a nice Woodland bowl for serving...

This Forest Fancies casserole looks like it belongs right there on that stump.  There was no lid but I found one later in the day for $1 - and it fits my Spring Blossom casserole that I found the other week.

My Pyrex purchases cost me $30 - not bad for all those glorious colors!


  1. WOW, I can't believe how much Pyrex you found at that thrift! What a fun day for a PYrex lover :) Love that "other" primary set and the pink!

  2. I still can't believe it either!!! You can go to Value Village so many times and come away with nothing - just in the right spot at the right time!!! I had a great day yesterday at the yard sales - found a few great things!