Monday, February 8, 2016

What Bugs You?

What's bugging me?  Shoddy merchandise - clothing, household items - you name it, nothing is "like it used to be."  

On the weekend I purchased two sets of queen size sheets and a comforter set in a bag - well, out of that, one pair of sheets and the set are going back - I bought the comforter set at Home Sense, I was hopeful, but it wasn't to be, the comforter was way too small for the bed and the black pillow sham had a white stitch randomly placed, not another white stitch to be seen on the sham!    So disappointed!!  The sheets I bought at Costco, I had never purchased a pair of sheets there before, but there was a lady  getting a pair, not her first pair as she praised them to the highest - I would be hard pressed to say anything good  about them, they were too tight on the bed, I didn't like the feel of them and worst of all, there was a hole in them!!  It's no sense to buy sheets that are too tight for the bed, I bought a new set in the summer, they just made their way to Value Village - they shrunk up so much, I couldn't even tuck in the sheet.  The one set of sheets that I did keep  are so wrinkly after washing and drying, I will need to iron the pillowcases - that is a step back for sure, I can remember my grandmother doing that!    It's a sad situation - one set of sheets were made in China, another in Bahrain - to tell you the truth, I don't even know where Bahrain is!!!  I think you'd be looking a long time to find things like this made in Canada.

That brings me to clothing, nearly every piece of clothing now has to be hung up to dry, or it will shrink to nothing, clothing doesn't last!!!    My husband had a winter jacket this year, that had to go back, the stuffing started coming out of it, just after normal wear.  I bought a pair of leggings, pulled them on once, a hole!  

And while I'm on a little rant,  here's something that bugs me about blogs and Instagram - people that don't respond to your comments - I always try my best at that.    And, on that note,  I'll close this  post!


  1. I find so many products are so shoddily made it's just crazy. Oh and I always try to respond to comments!! :)

  2. You are so right, hubby's hair trimmer just died after 2 years of use, went to buy another, got it home and it was so poorly made he took it back. I buy sheets on amazon, only companies with multiple 5 star reviews, although you have to take that with a grain of salt too. I bought what I thought were good towels from Homesense in the summer and there are already threads coming out. I guess the good thing about Costco is you can take things back ages after buying them and they have the record even if you don't - they have quite a good return policy.

    1. There hardly seems to be a store with good products anymore, they're certainly few and far between!!

  3. I buy Pottery Barn sheets or West Elm. I've been very happy with them. No shrinkage, well made and I love the feel. I buy them new at the outlet or eBay as they are too pricey for me to buy direct from the store. I picked up a set of queen sheets from Pottery Barn Kids with alligators on them that are still in the package. I thought they would be cute for Florida! I have one set that is about ten years old or more and still in excellent shape. But yes, you have to be careful with stores that sell imports because the standards are not consistent. Just recently I picked up some shower strips to lay down (for safety reasons) on the floor of my mom's shower and they started coming up after a few weeks, creating even more of a hazard than no strips at all. None of the mats I purchased would stick and not slide. I'm beyond frustrated. And I totally agree about the comments. I try to always respond.

  4. Totally agree. Hard to find quality products in any department. Things were made so much better years ago. It's really quite frustrating-- especially when you consider the prices today. Sorry state. Like your "bug" picture by the way.

  5. Oh Jill, I fuss about this very thing all the time!! I certainly know your frustration! It's so hard to find any quality products this day and age!!

  6. If we could just figure out the formula for purchasing well-made goods! Was it a certain company? Certain materials? What was it that made something so good back then? Remember..."back then", the sheets and pillow cases needed to be ironed. Maybe we should be careful for what we ask for...or at least think about it really hard! lol

  7. Nobody takes pride in their work anymore and customer service sucks in general.

  8. I so agree with you. And let's not get started on major appliances. If something goes wrong, do we fix them? No! Buy a new one and send the old to the landfill. Disgraceful! I have had good luck with sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. Not sure if you have that store in Canada.

  9. WOW...I am so sorry for you. It is so hard to know if your going to get a good product or not! Sounds like you got some really bad products. I watch for sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a coupon and have been happy with them. I have a king size bed and sheet are so spendy.

  10. I agree that it is disheartening when products don't work or last. It is a pet peeve of mine, too. Hope you find some good sheets.


  11. As you know, I only use vintage linens on my bed but before that, I used to buy all my sheet sets on QVC. They are the best!! You should check out the ones by Northern Nights. They have wrinkle free ones that truly are what they say :-)

    I really need to try and respond to my blog and IG comments too!


  12. I really like the tshirt jersey sheets since they have some give.
    What peeves me is I bought some gorgeous European size pillow shams at the thrift store and I have no European size pillows and I'm too cheap to pay $17 a piece for something to make my bed pretty.Dang it.
    And when they make comforters,they should make it with like extra padding or insulating material- not the whole thing, just a strip at the feet. That way my icy feet can get toasty without the rest of my body spontaneously combusting.

  13. You are so right on ALL of this!!

    I wish they would go back to selling sheets
    individually like they used too. Not always
    do I want a whole set.

    For the price of clothes as they are one would think they could be made better!

    I won't get going on the blog thing. but I do agree.

    M :)

  14. Cheapchick is right on where towels
    are concerned!!!

    M : )

  15. You are so right! nothing lasts anymore. When the exchange is good I buy flannel sheets from LL Bean and so far they are soft and last a very long time!
    Towels are tricky. Sometimes they shrink crooked in the dryer....not good.
    And of course nothing is made in Canada anymore!

  16. Couldn't agree with you more Jill! I make every effort to buy items made in Canada or the US. If your husband is willing to buy an investment piece I highly recommend buying a Canada goose jacket. I bought mine over 5 years ago and it's the best coat I've ever owned! It's so warm!

  17. I also agree Jill. Everything is designed and made so poorly and also, to be thrown away by this 'throw away generation'. Remember the beautiful heavy cotton sheets we used growing up? And cotton percale of the 70's? They were the best. I find to get sheets to fit a 18" mattress difficult even though the package says they are for up to 20" ones. You pull and tug to get the corners on and break a nail in the process!! Good rant! :)

  18. You may have sheets not treated to be wrinkle-free. I like these without chemicals! I don' mind wrinkly pillowcases.