Tuesday, November 10, 2015


These three items cost me $2.00 total - that's my kind of thrift shopping!!

I have been wanting a Santa boot for a while, now I havea pair and they are marked officially, Santa's Boot - you could get a lot of candy in these!!  I paid 25 cents for each boot - I think that's a crazy price - in a good way!

I wonder if this is an indication I will find some great old ornaments this season - purchased two boxes for $1.50 - the ornaments in one box are all from Poland, the other box from Japan.  I hope I can find enough to make another wreath - last year the pickins' were slim!!  

I felt like it was just like the old days - I found three Vera scarves, I've paid as much as $2 for a scarf at this shop before, today they were 25 cents for the three, yes, 25 cents total!!  I love the nautical one and the Verasheer one is a ladybug one, this was a great find for me!

It makes it so much more fun when you go into these places and find something you want - did you find anything good this week?


  1. Those scarves were a real find! I haven't ever done that well with scarves. That must have been a great day!

  2. Wow-- what a score. I hardly ever see vintage ornaments anymore. Great prices too!!

  3. Are the Santa boots about 4 inches high? I have a couple of them and also one made of paper machier which is really old.

  4. Good to see you're still finding treasures out there! We've missed you in blogland!

    1. I really haven't been finding anything up until the last month, not that I need much either, but I can never help myself when I see vintage Christmas!!!

  5. Love the Santa boots! Oh my goodness what fun. The Vera scarves are always a joy to see and great prices!


  6. Great prices and cute boots!
    Lots of fun, such pretty ornaments.

    M : )

  7. Maddie doesn't have school today and your post has me itching to hit the thrifts! I'll have to bribe her some way...