Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas was Half Price

I went to four thrift shops yesterday, struck out at one but the others yielded me some vintage Christmas and it was all half price - that made me real happy!!!

I haven't had much luck at Value Village at all this season but yesterday was different, I came out of there with three things and I only paid $3.

This Noma tree topper box is in perfect shape, the angel looks like she was well taken care of, definitely, she was coming home with me!!

I debated on taking the angel but I'm glad I did - these chalkware figurines were made in Korea.  

Mom had a box made of old cards so I was taken by this - but, I'm not really sure if it's old or not, it just looks too perfect and in such great shape.  Anybody see one like this?  It doesn't matter if it's old or not, it has a vintage look and I like it!!

Next stop - three more items...

My first reflector box - full of reflectors.

I like this little planter, I think the Christmas bouquet might have been replaced, it looks just a bit too new.  

One lone poinsetta - I bought it because Mom had a bouquet of these that she always put on the table, well, now I have a bouquet of one!!

My last thrift stop was the shop where I bought the ornaments the other week and paid $2 for two boxes, last week I was in and they had another box but it was marked at $5, no way was I buying them for that, yesterday I got them for $1. SCORE!!

I never expected to find anything much this close to Christmas, it made my day!!

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  1. Cool! One of my thrifts had Xmas half off this week-- I still didn't find anything worthwhile. My mom made one of those card baskets way back. Long gone now.

  2. Great finds Jill and such great prices too! I didn't have any luck with vintage Christmas here this year but I really don't need anything. Your angel is almost identical to mine which I got last year in it's original Zeller's box. You wouldn't believe how many of those reflectors I have. lol I forgot to use them this year. Maybe I'll get them out. I even have a large box with reflectors and the old colour lightbulbs just waiting for a cord to put them in. Hard to find!! I remember those Christmas card baskets. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Such great vintage finds and incredible prices! Looks like you chose a great day for thrift hunting! My hubby and I visited a couple thrift shops yesterday, but we weren't as lucky as you! Merry Christmas!

  4. My thrift store had 75% off Christmas and I only managed to find a vintage tree skirt which I love. Great finds

  5. I have absolutely no issues with buying new made to look vintage Christmas! Who else besides us would know it's not the real deal?

    I love that sweet lone Poinsettia. What a sweet memory of your mom. Hope you find more!

    Merry Christmas!


  6. What great goodies! I'll be tempted to stop by my old thrift store now to see it anything is left! I love vintage pretties! Enjoy your day! Holiday hugs, Diane

  7. Scores! I've a bad cold right now and can't hit the thrifts! It's driving me crazy!

  8. Love the reflectors in their original box!

  9. Great finds!

    I decided yesterday that I need a ornament intervention!
    Mine are a lot lot lot newer but I cannot pass picking up
    a tube or two especially if they are on sale.

    M : )

  10. Oh my goodness I have 3-4 boxes of the reflectors and I LOVE THEM. Bought them years ago when NO ONE wanted them and I use 3-4 on my tree the rest I HOARD hardcore. And I have the exact same angel, she is bad shape and was hot glued to something not of this earth I swear! obviously you and I can never go thrifting together!

    1. It would be a toss up who would get to the goods first!! Hah!!

  11. I know that I am months late on commenting…just found you…the christmas card crochet box…were a big rage in the late 40's-50's, however I have seen newly made ones here in Chicagoland at church bazaars and craft fairs as …nostalgia has become fashionable. Cool stuff you have…Thanks for sharing.