Thursday, August 7, 2014

Binge Watching on Netflix

We are one of the approximately 5.8 million Canadians that use Netflix - do you use Netflix?  

Who even heard of the term "binge watching" before Netflix came along.  I have to say, we're guilty of it and we're binge watching right now, it's "The Killing, " we started it last Friday night and finished the first season on Tuesday night - it is so addictive and the good news is there's four seasons available.  I recommend this show!!

Before that we watched "Bates Motel" in the same way - in  a mad frenzy!!

And the same thing happened with "Lilyhammer"

When we subscribed to Netflix, our first show was "Orange is the New Black" we were amazed that you could watch a tv show that way - we were frantically watching that one too and then when the second season came out a couple of months ago, we started watching it that very night!!  

I really enjoy "Downton Abbey" and "Call the Midwife" now I enjoy "Mr. Selfridge" just as much- I watched the first season on Netflix, just in time to tune into the second season on tv.

We've also watched every episode of "Suits" on Netflix - that one is just ok for me..

"House of Lies" wasn't too bad...

My husband is watching "House of Cards" - I'm not interested in that one, at all!

We watch the odd movie on there too, but it seems to be mostly about "the series" watching - it hooks us right in.   Are you hooked on any Netflix shows?


  1. Love binge watching on netflix - currently watching Friday Night Lights. Also have enjoyed Parenthood and House of Cards. What will be next ?

  2. Oh yes, we watched all 15 seasons of A Touch Of Frost before it vanished from the Netflix lineup. I'd watch it again if I could. We tend to enjoy series too, but some I like are on Acorn, not Netflix.

  3. I've had Netflix for a couple of years. I've binge watched almost every show on there!

    My recent series binge watches:
    1. Sons of Anarchy (still watching)
    2. The Killing
    3. Louie
    4. Suits

    But I've binge watched quite a few other shows over the past couple of years!

  4. I love Netflix and binge watching! I just finished the 2nd season of Orange is the New Black last night. I've watched House of Cards and loved it! I'll try The Killing next!


  5. I totally binge watch too! And then I'm really sad when I have to watch my fave show week to week on TV. I just caught up with Suits. I've watched and liked Vampire Diaries, Homeland, Gossip Girl...the list goes on!!

  6. Guilty as charged! We've seen most of what you have seen, lol. Just finished Season 1 of Ray Donovan, good one. Homeland and The Newsroom are great. Love The Borgias and Boardwalk Empire also. Started a new one, The Bridge, also good. True Detectives was sooooo good!

    On the upside, we hardly watch any regular TV but are guilty of lots of Netflix watching for sure. :)

  7. I just finished watching Wollander - excellent 9 episode series originally on BBC. Hubby just finished Breaking Bad and thought it was great - I was not interested. I wish Canada had as many good series/movies as Netflix USA thought. It should be the same. I feel a bit ripped off, but not really, because the price is cheap and we downgraded cable by over $30 a month as were watching Netflix more.

  8. We had Netflix... but then we cancelled because we were subscribing & not watching it since nothing was being added that we wanted to see. We download everything & watch free TV with an antenna. We get about 25 channels. OITNB.. I just got into it awhile back & binge watched it after downloading it. Loooove it! Natasha Lyonne is one of my favorite actresses... kinda drives me crazy in this show... though...

  9. Hi Jill,
    Love this post - you've listed some we haven't seen.

    We're watching season 4 of The Killing this week.

    Happy weekend!

  10. If you like historical fiction look for Foyle's War and Land Girls, both WWII era in England. We inhaled them!