Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deals at the 70 Mile Yard Sale

Our vacation was just about over but our last day on Prince Edward Island was sure a fun one - it was the 70 Mile Yard Sale Weekend - deals everywhere and a fair amount of junk too, I have to say!!!  I was hopful for Pyrex - I wasn't disappointed. 

You know how you feel when you find something so cheap, you just want to get out of there, well, that happened to me - I just wanted to take the goods and get back to the car.

Is it any wonder I wanted to get to the car?  There are six side plates and one bowl - every piece still has the original sticker - yard sale price of $3.... I spotted them as soon as I walked into the yard and grabbed them with lightening speed!!  I was all ready to pay and I spotted these ramekins - 75 cents for 3 - my day was starting out in the best way and it was only 8 am. 

More Pyrex, more deals - I already have this cookie jar and I paid $10 for mine - this one was $1 - I know Carla will take this off my hands...  A Pyrex Carafe for 50 cents..  And the yellow and red fridgies were sold together, price $2 - the lids I bought earlier in the trip. 

But, it wasn't all Pyrex - picked up a few other treasures too....

This is one heavy duty thermos!!  $5

Aren't these the sweetest Winnie the Pooh bookends?  Not the usual thing I would buy, but when I saw the date on them, had to purchase and for $3 - you couldn't go wrong!

$2 for a like new dart board for the game room.

I've started to pick up some old red handled utensils - yard sale purchases are the beater on the left and the sifter - $3 for the two.  The lifter is from home, the other two I bought on the way to the Island.  I'll have more in another post on some goodies we picked up there..  Meantime, I will be going over to The Pyrex Collective and blogging about my non yard sale Pyrex purchases.  

I've linked up to Apron Thrift Girl - there's lots of neat stuff over there...


  1. Yes, I will take the cookie jar, thank you! That's also the same carafe as the one I have - your gold scrolling looks in better shape, though...

  2. You did find some great buys! There were lots of sales this year and lots of people shopping too.I enjoyed the day too and found a few treasures as well.


  3. I was in PEI at the same time as you! I only hit a few sales and had no luck sadly. Glad to see that you had a few great scores!! :)

  4. Amazing! So many beautiful things!

    I'm in awe of the Pyrex. My true fave is the Thermos. :)

  5. I love ALL your finds, Pyrex and non-Pyrex!! I collect red handled kitchen utensils too, and you got some pretty good stuff there!! That thermos is the bomb too!! You really got some good stuff!!

  6. That red handled egg beater with the splash guard looks like the one that goes with the large pyrex measuring cup! It fits right inside it.