Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ceramic Christmas Trees

Yes, I have three ceramic Christmas trees!!  But, I didn't know it and that is a bad sign, a sign that I buy more Christmas stuff that I don't know I already have!!  The one on the right I've had for a couple of years, it's a pretty big one.  I bought the one on the left last week at Value Village, it was a really nice tree, look at that base!!  So, this morning, I thought I'd look at the the big tree and lo and behold, there's another one which I must have bought last year but I don't have a clue where!!  

But, I have no stars for the two smaller ones - I've seen them when I've been in the US before but I have never seen them here in Canada.  I've also checked on Ebay and Etsy, I think purchasing on there might be a thing of the past, the postage is ridiculous - for one little star - over $10 - I think not! I wrote to the seller, she wouldn't budge on the postage!  Too bad!!   Are there any Canadians out there who have seen them?  Or anyone who has extra stars hanging around?  

I don't think I better buy any more ceramic trees!!!  I sure do like them though!


  1. Those ceramic trees go for big bucks if all the lights are on them $80 out here on Vancouver Island. I saw one with no lights at all at the thrift the other day for $25. Good luck on the search, it might be worth buying another in not great condition for the lights/star alone.

    1. I know they're very hot items!! I paid $6.99 for the smallest one, plus I had a 30% off card so it was cheap!! I didn't pay much for any of them. If I would see a cheap one, I'd buy it for the star, but they're very few and far between, it would be a miracle to find another one!!!

  2. Too funny!
    I hope you can find the stars.

    M : )

  3. I have a large green one with 'snow' on the boughs and a music box in the base that my MIL made for me in ceramic class. I also have 2 smaller ivory ones that she made. The green one is in the attic but I use the other 2 every year. Three is enough! I hope you find a star.

  4. The biggest tree has been on my wish list for years. My Grandma had one but one of my cousins got it....Lots of luck finding the stars! I'll keep an eye out! : )

  5. It's okay to have a forrest of ceramic trees, Jill. You have my permission!!


  6. I don't even LIKE those trees, but after seeing so many on blogs over the past couple of years, I remembered how Mom and Grandma and everyone else were making them back in the day and I suddenly really, really wanted one. Mine (which I snagged from a box Grandma was taking to Goodwill) is only missing a couple of lights and Mom had some extras. Now I just need to figure out what kind of bulb it takes.

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  8. Try Amazon.ca, saw some there for $5. Free shipping

  9. I just bought my first one at a local thrift store but it's completely bulb less �� I don't know how they work can you explain it to me? It's so pretty but no bulbs I don't know where to start.