Monday, December 17, 2012

My Vintage Christmas Postcards

I had very good intentions to share Christmas from around the house, but it's not going to happen, as I've been baking all day so instead I'm going to share a few of my vintage Christmas postcards - I was collecting these a few years ago, postcards illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle were always ones that I was on the lookout for, her work is beautiful..  And, haven't they held up well??


Another Clapsaddle - of course, I am partial to redheads!

Wouldn't it be nice to have such beautiful cards to send at Christmas now?

This card was sent to Harold - from Aunt Mary

This card is an undivided back postcard which is older than others - it called for one cent in postage.  This card was written to Gladys Taylor, from Willie Moulds - wonder if they were sweethearts?

Isn't this a bright eyed cutie?  This card was postmarked, 1916

I have a couple that are this style - sweet..

It was hard to select only  a few, I love them all..

This one is a little different, a real photograph but hand colored 

This card has the postage stamp on the front, it was postmarked from England, 1908 and sent to Ontario   

This one is also an undivided back card - it was postmarked from Woodbine, Illinois, 1906.

This one was sent to Mabel from Hazel - in 1909

Hope everyone really does have the merriest Christmas!


  1. What a wonderful card collection. I think some of the vintage ones are better than the newer.

  2. They are some of the most beautiful cards ever! You should clip them with mini clothes pins to some cute ribbon, and then you'd have a darling little banner! LOL Do you like me telling you what to do with your vintage stuff? Haa!

  3. Such a cute post! The cards are so unique, love that little gal on the phone. I might have to take a copy and make a little tag with her!

  4. Beautiful! What an amazing and antique collection. My fave is the wee kid in bed with his pup x

  5. Oh those are so nice! They are much nicer than the cards we have today. Where have you collected them from?

  6. These are so beautiful and sweet. I agree they are nicer than today's cards. :)

  7. Once again, such sweet graphics. Thanks for sharing them with all of us!