Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in the Kitchen

There's not going to be a whole lot of writing right now- it takes less time to post pictures and if you're anything like me, you don't have time to read long blog posts these days.....  I'm linking up with Rednesday, I want to find time to read every post over there - I know there'll be lots of Christmas....  And, I imagine there'll be a lot of beautiful Christmas at Share Your Cup Thursday too.

Shiny Brites

I bought a couple of these at Home Sense this year - it runs by batteries, the interior colors change - red, blue, green

I was jealous of Carla's Stencil package - Carla blogged about her corner shelf too - and here you can see her stencil package.  I remember having these at home, not that I was ever allowed to spray the snow.....

I've had this tin for years but always used it for cookies, it moved above the cupboards this year.

Mom always kept her light fruitcake in this tin.

Another tin of Mom's - I have to use blocks of wood to raise up my items, you can't see them but you sure can in a picture - just to let you know, we're not looking at blocks of wood all over the place.

I found this tin last year 

I like fruitcake but nobody else here in my family does.

This beautiful piece of holiday Pyrex sits on the kitchen table but the light is so much better for getting a good picture in the livingroom..

Erica sent me this sweet Annalee Christmas mouse - so cute  - thanks!

I found this great old candy tin the other week.  This tree belonged to my grandmother, I remember putting the little ornaments on it, sadly, they're not all here anymore, I've never seen one like this before.

Just some Christmas - the pine cone people were Mom's

I'm making good use of all my little dolls with hair this year!!

I had to include this pic of my Christmas glasses -my new ones on the left which I have found out are called Christmas Valley - the ones on the right I found last year - straight from North Pole, New York


  1. Jill - Again you've decorated beautifully! I plan on getting some more pics on my blog in the next couple of days. This month has flown by and I have barely showed any love to my little blog :(

  2. I love all the cookie tins and how you've displayed them. The fruit cake tin is my favorite.

  3. I also have that tin with the candle, it was my Mom's so it is extra special to me. It is holding chocolate chip cookies right now, but sshh...don't let anyone know! lol

    Love all of the vintage goodness!

  4. I adore all of your holiday decor - I especially love your green tin, so charming!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Great festive fun. Luv g'mas tree.

  6. Your holiday decor is simply beautiful!

    All pieces I would get for myself!

    Merry Xmas Jill to you and yours!

    May you have a peaceful and bountiful New Year!

    Valerie X

  7. oh wow that holiday pyrex is beautiful! i haven't seen that one before!
    and i like fruitcake too! i've never had a packaged one, but fresh ones are so so so good!

  8. Um...'scuse me, would you please pass the Pyrex pinecones?

  9. What a delight my friend! So many memories. I remember mom having some of those pine cone people. All of her old Christmas had been given away by the time I ever had a tree. I was the youngest of 8. I love, love the green fruitcake tin and grandma's tree is so unusual. Also, love the Pyrex. Would love to snag me a Christmas one. I do have a couple of snowflake ones I'll put out in January. Thanks for sharing all of your treasures with Share Your Cup. Also love the glasses. Heck, I just love it all!
    p.s. I have a large Annalee snowman.

  10. Love it all of course! But my favorite things is your mom's fruitcake tin! It's aged perfectly, and such great graphics!
    Your Annalee is a MOUSE, not a Kitty! lol
    Oh, I got your beautiful card today! Thank you so much! You wouldn't believe how much that looks like our town...minus the cute old cars!
    Erica :)

  11. All your holiday decorations are beautiful! I really love your mother's Patterkrisp cake tin! The graphics are amazing. Your holiday Pyrex makes me happy! I've been hinting to my husband about getting some Christmas Pyrex...well see:)
    Merry Christmas,

  12. Lovely kitchen decorating! I love the annalee kitty! And all the rest of course! You have some great old things.

  13. Love the vintage tins and Santa book - adds a very nice touch ;-)

  14. Hi Jill, just hopping by to say that I will be featuring you at Share Your Cup today. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!