Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to Thrifting

It was two weeks since I had been around to my regular thrifting haunts- Wednesday I went -  it was a great day - I found something at every stop - except Value Village, no luck there, at all...

First stop - St. Vincent de Paul - it wasn't a big purchase - only 75 cents total, but I think it made my happiest - those knee huggers are just so cute..

These cute little guys were just in a bin of junk - their faces are dirty and need a little scrubbing and some glue needs to be used for the red cap

Look - they have the original sticker - Japan.

I know this guy is a newer version but he still looks pretty nice perched in the tree.

Next stop - Salvation Army, I have never bought so many things in there and all I paid was $5.25 - for EVERYTHING.

The illustrations in this book are sweet ...

I like the reindeer sitting down for a reindeer meal.

A Little Golden Book version - Rudolph is quite handsome with his nose so shiny and bright!

Five paper loot bags - not plastic

These crepe paper party crowns were in with the loot bags - there were three.  

This box was full of vintage greeting cards, I never find anything like that!

The monkey card has a punch out figure on the back

I remember the Fuller Brush man coming around with his wares and who's Mother and Grandmother didn't wear one of these rain caps?  Mine did!

Three Vera wing tip scarves

I passed glasses like this one time before, I don't know why I bought them, I just like them, I guess.  I'll be listing them.

Butterprint 441 - is there anyone out there who needs this bowl - I would be willing to trade.

All that for $5.25 - and I forgot to go back for a Saltines tin that I saw first time round.

Next stop, Jarrett Center - three items purchased, $1.75 spent.  So, my total for the day was $7.75 - not bad...

Snowflake 403

This hardcover was published in 1953 - I picked it up as soon as I saw it, the cover is sweet.

Another Vera, not one of her prettier designs - but you grab them when you can.

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  1. Oh boy you did great! Love the elves! Hey...I think I need that bowl, let me look and get back to you. We could trade!

  2. Wow, Jill! Awesome job. I collect vintage souvenir glasses and would be totally interested in buying those from you. They are quite a score. Let me know when you list them and if you would feel comfortable shipping to the US. I also would have loved to trade that Butterprint bowl with you but the other Erica beat me to it:-)


  3. what a lovely bunch of finds!

    I adore the books and the drinking glasses - and finding nice patterns in pyrex is always a treat :)

  4. Good golly, what a haul!

  5. Wow Jill you did fantastic! I remember my mom having some of those knee huggers growing up. Love, love the turquoise bowl! I have one that is the opposite, turquoise with white graphics. Looks like it is already spoken for. I have not ran across the bottom pattern before, very sweet!

  6. Forgot to tell you that I picked up a set of souvenir glasses a while back also. Haven't used them yet, but just thought they might be cute for in the future.

  7. Wow you did great! Love the salvation army items! The vintage greeting cards are so fun and the butterprint bowl is fantastic! Great job on all items! Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.

  8. wow what a load. Love Rudolph the best since I collect vintage rudolph!

  9. Oh my, my grandma totally had one of those, you're so right! The only time I ever bought elves like that, I got them NIB at Goodwill! I don't think I was blogging then. I absolutely adore that monkey card. My birthday is in August, just a heads up!

    - Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  10. I can never find vintage greeting cards either-well done! Plus, those loot bags are perfection. So fun that they had a few surprises inside for you. What a great haul!

  11. Just stopping back by to let you know I've featured you on the blog today! Thanks!

  12. Love the Elf kneehuggers! You sure did find some awesome stuff at the thrifts.

    hugs, Linda