Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unexpected Treasures

I had a great afternoon yesterday - I went to four thrift shops and that was it - it was so nice not to have to think about Christmas shopping - it was the best day - because I found  some great items for myself and some to list on Etsy, which I hope to get started on by the end of the week.

My one big splurge was this complete set of Colonial Mist Cinderella Bowls at Value Village, I don't think I've ever bought a complete set like this all at once, but I couldn't leave it there, it's was just too pretty and in the best of shape.  I have Mom's set of three Colonial Mist bowls but the color lineup is different than the Cinderella's and I get the larger bowl with this set.

Isn't it a beautiful set??

$4 for this Snowflake Blue Divided Dish - I have one - it's going to Sharon, who doesn't have this one.  It's just in perfect shape too.

A nice 403 for $1

Spring Blossom platter, dinner and supper plates - I bought a few items at the Salvation Army including these and it only came to $5

Most of these other items I'll be listing - another customer commented on my basket full of goodies, he said I had some very "retro" items and a " good eye" - I don't know about that but I think we were on the same kind of hunt, because I saw him later at another shop.  This is the set he was really eyeing...

Termocrisa Mugs and Bowls

Nippon Bowl

This book is from 1971

I remember these back in the 70's

We always had slides at home but I've never seen this type of case before..

A never used Expo '67 tea towel

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  1. Great finds!! Love the tea towel! So cool

  2. The set of Pyrex bowls is awesome! Glad you found them. hugs, Linda

  3. Oh I love the set of four bowls and the Nippon bowl. I love shopping the resale and charity shops. I found you through Vintage Thingy Thursday. Warm Hugs,

  4. Wonderful finds... I had a Kitchen Prayer Plaque...way back when!

  5. I love the book, any old books with animals on them, I really can't resist! I have found myself buying lots of horse books lately! Also today I bought 3 sewing books (2 vintage) to start me off on my sewing adventures!

  6. We have the same kind of likes. I like shopping at thrift stores more than I do regular stores. I love pyrex and corelle and have a hard time turning my back on cheap pyrex when I find it, but I have to watch and don't buy too much because I don't resale on etsy or ebay.

  7. Wow certainly had a great thrifting day!! Of course I love the Pyrex, but everything else is wonderful too!! Nothing better than a great thrift haul!!

  8. Wow! So many great finds. I'm one very jealous lady, great job!!

  9. What a great day for you! I have been looking for the blue and white forever! I only have found gold & green...but my life is in colors of blue! Love the tea towel too!

  10. Do you have a link to your Etsy. I am wanting to check to see if one of these items end up in your shop.....I'd like to purchase it! Thanks.

  11. Any Pyrex you find, you better snap it up. It has really gotten popular and pricey.

  12. What a lot of great stuff you found! I love the blue in the set you bought, so pretty.

    And, I went to the Montreal Expo in '67 - gosh, that was a lifetime ago!

    Happy VTT!

  13. Love the blue and white and white and blue bowls. Great finds.

  14. The kitchen prayer hung in the kitchen of my in laws for as long as I've known them and I've been married over 40 years. BTW the VS is on the way.

  15. I LOVE the blue and white pyrex!