Monday, October 28, 2013

Everything Cookies Are So Good!!

It was cookie baking day today!  After making pumpkin cookies that did not turn out at all last week, I went back to one of my tried and true recipes - Everything Cookies, they always turn out!  They really do have a little bit of everything - nuts, coconut, raisins and chocolate chips.  

I had printed off this recipe back in 2010 from Joy of Baking, click right here for the recipe.  It's a great site, I've made numerous things from it and there is never a problem with a recipe!  The recipe calls for toasted nuts, I didn't toast mine,  I just chopped them and used as is, it also called for butter, I used hard margarine.  The recipe also instructed to flatten the cookies with your fingers, I didn't do that.  These are great cookies - they're delicious!!

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  1. Hi Jill, I add pretzels and potato chips and call them "Compost Cookies." My Master Gardeners group think they are great. Linda@wetcreek Blog

  2. Yummmm! Your cookies look delicious. Sorry the pumpkin ones didn't turn out! I have a cookie recipe everyone in the world can make but it never turns out for me. I can't understand why!!!

  3. Ooooo! They look so yummy! I like Linda's idea of adding a few salty snacks to them too.Going to give them a try!

  4. Everything Cookies, huh? Did you name your blog after these tasty treats? HA!!


  5. How yummy do these look!!!! WOW!!!! hugs...