Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1975 Kitchen Style

Here's the way the 1975 kitchen looked - some of us remember, some of us are trying to recreate the 70's through our thrift purchases, whatever, it's fun to look back   - all these pictures are from my Eaton's Fall and Winter Catalogue, 1975 - Eaton's was a grand old Canadian department store, sadly, it's no more...    I'm linking with Rednesday and Share Your Cup Thursday today.  As always, click on a picture for a closer look...  

All you had to do was order your warm birch veneer cupboards from the catalogue  

I didn't know anybody that had a smooth top stove back then, I didn't even know they made them. I think this would have been a very high class item - it was twice the price of a regular stove.  What fun to have a red stove!!

Our first dishwasher was "Coppertone"

Order your refrigerator in white, avocado or harvest gold

No 70's kitchen would be complete without a nice cafe set!

I always wished Mom and Dad would buy a swivel set, I wanted to spin around, we just had  one like the upper right.

Vinyl tablecloths in wonderful colors and patterns

You could order this set of dishes for $6 a month

$49.95 for a 40 piece chip and crack resistant English dinnerware set

Blue, amber or green - I think we had some glassware in the green

Cutlery really hasn't changed much...

How about some Spice o' Life or Butterfly Gold ?

Mom had a brown set with mushrooms - she used those for years.....

Look at that apple cannister set..

Blenders were big and bulky..

I just bought my first toaster oven the other day!

If you were busy in the kitchen in 1975, you might have been dancing around the kitchen to Lady Marmalade - it's the only hit song from that year that I could find that was kitchen related.  I can honestly say my Mother was not listening to Lady Marmalade!!!


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  3. How fun to browse through that catalog! Thanks for sharing - love it :-)

  4. Sorry about posting the same comment mulitple times - not sure what happened. But I really did like looking through your catalog :-)

  5. I see so many of the items in these photos while out on my thrifting adventures! They truly have stood the test of time:-) Miss Maddie and I got some little treats in the other day. There will definitely be a post in the future to show them off. Thanks again!


  6. OMGOSH!! A couple weeks ago I found a serving platter, a serving bowl and a gravy boat made by the Johnson brothers. And it's in the photo you posted. I have not been able to find out the pattern name.
    It's on your ironstone picture (Bottom left) The white with the black swirlys. Can you tell me what it's called?

    I would totally want that red stove.
    My parent's had the vegetable patten corning ware. They still have 1 piece today.
    I would really like some of those colored glass dishes. They are so pretty.

  7. I love that retro red stove. So fun to look back at old ads and prices. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the apple cannisters! Seems pricey for back then.

  9. Boy this brings back a lot of memories. I'm from New Brunswick and even worked at Eaton's in the 60's and 70's. I still use my Corelle Butterfly Gold dishes every day and they are as good as new and virtually unbreakable although a few pieces have been shattered over the years. I think I have an old Eaton's catalogue or 2 in the attic. Thanks for the memories. Pamela

  10. What a fun post. I remember some of things very well.

  11. Funny how I recognize the pictures from my own 1975 Eaton's catalogue.

  12. Oh my word! Everyone can relate whether from grandma's house, Mom's house or their own. When we bought our house 9 years ago they still had the old avocado stove in the kitchen! Out it went, LOL!

    Great post! :)

  13. Its always fun travelling back through time via old catalogues! Thats how brad and I spent our evening during our power outage (via flashlight of course)

  14. Haha! Oh the 70's. What an awesome era. Great post!

  15. I was ever so happy when Husband and I finally got rid of the harvest gold stove and green refrigerator. We went with all white and thought we had class!

  16. We grew up in a mid century side split which had an avocado green stove, hood fan and refrigerator! and our laminate counter had gold flecks in it with those exact faux wood canisters...what a flashback!
    Oh how I miss Eatons!

  17. I loved Eaton's. I miss it!

  18. Oh Jill, this post made me smile. I was married in '72'. I had green glass canisters and my kitchen colors were avocado, gold, and orange. I swear those orange curtains are just like the ones I hung in our duplex apartment. Thanks for the visit down memory lane. Love that red stove! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Great post, it was interesting to read your take on the pages of the magazine.