Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Red Head, Ginger, Freckle Face

I was looking through my old magazines last night that I found at a thrift a while back  - I got a great idea for a Rednesday post this week - red haired children, also referred sometimes as Freckle Face, Carrot Top, Ginger, Rusty - I'm partial to red hair children because I gave birth to one!   I always give a second glance when I see a redhead - they are just so different - usually with a face full of freckles, I always say they look "pastey" .

Did you know that red haired people have fewer hairs on their head than blondes or brunettes but each strand is thicker?   I didn't know that redheads don't turn gray, their hair just turns neutral and then white!  Were you aware of that, Carla??  I've read before that redheads are more sensitive to pain and may require higher doses of pain medication than blondes or brunettes......Red heads are also prone to more allergies than others.  And, of course, there's the sun - we always had Carla slathered in sunscreen - it doesn't take much for her to burn and forget about ever having a tan.....

Lego Ad -  Family Circle, Nov. 24, 1981

Kraft Singles -  Family Circle, 1981

Colgate Toothpaste  -  Chatelaine, February, 1974

Smiles Vitamins - Chatelaine, January 1973

Florida Orange Juice - Chatelaine, March 1962

My little red head is all grown up now - and her hair is not the same shade it was when she was small and the freckles have all but disappeared but the skin is still white and the hair is so beautiful.

Carla  - my little red head
Carla and her brother, Darcy 
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  1. Believe it, or not I always dreamed of having a red haired child! Of course, that never happened...guess I never married the "right" man to give me one, lol!!

  2. Love all the vintage red head ads-your daughter is a cutie!

  3. I knew redheads didn't turn grey - the hair colour of middle-aged redheads is distinctive; it's like a very light strawberry blonde. And yes, I'm one those of pasty people walking about - we are actually allowed to show ourselves in public!

  4. coming from another red head.... beautiful!!

    barbara jean

  5. I'm with you: I do a double take when I see a redhead, especially in the area where I now live, because the common hair color here is black!

    Ruby Fruit

  6. Interesting facts on redheads. I a have sister with red hair. Will pass this on to her. She will never let a grey or white hair show. She keeps it colored.

  7. My mom is a redhead and I was red as a toddler and ended up dishwater blonde. That doesn't stop me from going back to red from time to time! The ads you've posted are adorable...gotta love a redhead!

  8. I also have a red haired baby - he's 22 now and his thick hair is beautiful - dark to light auburn depending on the season. Thanks for making me smile.

  9. Everybody loves a ginger! That is sweet, I see that your daughter was likely named after your gramps? That is a sweet tribute. Our new baby boy is named after his grandfather.

  10. She's beautiful! Thanks so much for following!